Our Impact

Our Impact

Impact is at the heart of our work

We’re driven by our desire to create lasting impact by investing in electricity networks across Africa. Although there has been a welcome increase in investment in electricity generation in recent years, there is still a significant shortage of capital targeted at delivering power to end users – and this is holding back economic development on the continent.

We aim to tackle this challenge and contribute to the evolution of viable electricity networks that increase energy access for households and provide African businesses with the power needed to support sustainable economic growth.

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The challenge we’re addressing

Why well-run power infrastructure is integral to economic development in the countries where we operate

What we’re delivering

Read our Development Report to find out about the progress we’ve made since we were established in 2019

How we measure impact

What we mean by impact and how we measure it for each of our investments

“The development impact that can be achieved from successful improvements in transmission, distribution and off-grid is potentially vast. Improved utility capacity and performance can increase the quantity and quality of power available to users and reduce the tariff needed to sustain the network. It can also cut injuries and fatalities of users on the network, reduce carbon emissions and encourage other private sector investors and lenders to fund further critical infrastructure.”

Alice Chapple

Development Impact Advisor