Sustainable Power Solutions

Sustainable Power Solutions (SPS)

SPS is a distributed renewable energy company that provides solar energy and battery storage solutions to business customers across sub-Saharan Africa: https://sps.africa/

You can read more about our latest investment in SPS here.

SPS works with companies to fund, develop and operate solar power technologies, including battery storage, that provide consistent, affordable clean energy. SPS focuses on the design, installation, financing and maintenance of grid connected, hybrid (solar/genset) and off-grid (battery storage) solar energy solutions.

Lack of reliable grid power has led to more than half of businesses in sub-Saharan Africa using diesel generation to ensure certainty of supply. Solar power and battery storage solutions are increasingly providing a viable, cheaper alternative for many businesses that see the value in using greener, more consistent power. SPS is a leader in the sector and well-positioned to accelerate the use of solar energy

Formerly known as Mettle Solar, SPS has received around US$37 million of equity funding investment from Gridworks following our first investment in December 2019. Since then, the company has built over 22MW of grid-tied projects in Southern Africa and Kenya and 4.2MW / 8.7MWh of islanded projects in the Seychelles, including some of Africa’s largest off-grid systems using Tesla’s Powerpack.

In 2021, Gridworks brought in New GX Capital, the South African investment firm, as an investment partner for SPS. The long-term funding provided by Gridworks and New GX will enable the company to deepen its presence in existing markets and expand across sub-Saharan Africa. The company is targeting building an additional 100MW of projects.

In numbers...

SPS currently has over 175 projects in operation in South Africa, Namibia, Kenya and Indian Ocean islands (with 74MWp installed, and 15MWh battery storage).
SPS reduces carbon emissions and demonstrates the commercial viability of distributed renewable energy for businesses in a continent where 70 % of total energy demand currently comes from commercial and industrial customers.

Mark Richards

Interim co-CEO and Chief Financial Officer

“Gridworks exists to increase the quantity and quality of power in Africa and our mandate covers transmission and distribution infrastructure, as well as off-grid solutions like SPS. SPS, and the commercial & industrial sector as a whole, can provide green, reliable power to businesses that will go on to create jobs and economic opportunity. Since first investing in 2019, we’ve helped SPS become one of only a handful of African developers operating sustainably to finance, build, and operate grid-tied and battery-backed, off-grid systems.

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