Anzana Electric Group

Anzana Electric Group (formerly Virunga Power)

Anzana Electric Group is a renewable energy company that is developing, investing, and operating pioneering rural electricity projects in Africa

In December 2022, we announced our investment of up to $50 million in Anzana Electric Group (formerly Virunga Power). The company works closely with local developers to deliver and scale projects that provide electricity to rural users and enable sustainable economic growth.

Anzana Electric Group uses run-of-river hydropower technology to provide low-cost, 24/7 electricity

Anzana Electric Group’s team has extensive experience in designing, developing and operating renewable energy projects in challenging environments.

The company typically focuses on projects of up to 20 MW, as well as associated distribution networks to provide access to energy in rural areas, and to reinforce national grid stability.

The company’s approach is centred around working with local communities to develop long term, sustainable solutions. They partner with local entrepreneurs, community organisations and government agencies to identify and develop green energy projects that are tailored to the specific needs of communities. Anzana works in Burundi, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and Zambia today.

In numbers...

We’re investing up to $50 million in Anzana Electric Group
Three of the countries where Anzana Electric Group operates – Zambia (15%), Malawi (6%) and Burundi (2%) – have some of the world’s lowest rural electrification rates
The company focuses on projects of up to 20 MW as well as associated distribution networks

Why we invested in Anzana Electric Group

Rural electrification is highly impactful but incredibly challenging.

We see our investment in Anzana Electric Group as an opportunity to build a scaleable, sustainable, green utility business to alleviate rural energy poverty.

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals highlight the importance of widening energy access. Our investment in Virunga Power will serve as a catalytic example to the sector.

Expected impact

  • The development impact of the investment will include increasing the amount of renewable generation in rural contexts (GWh served), increasing the number of users connected to grid-quality electricity, and reducing carbon emissions.
  • The investment will fund both hydropower generation projects as well as distributed electricity grids to serve customers across Anzana Electric Group’s markets.

“Anzana Electric Group has the potential to transform rural communities in Africa by providing them with grid-quality, low-cost, 24/7 electricity to drive economic growth. We’re investing in Anzana because we believe they can become Africa’s first large-scale, private utility to sustainably operate in a rural context. In doing so they can demonstrate the viability of rural infrastructure investment.”

Shaun Githuku


“At Anzana Electric Group, we believe that renewable energy is not just a solution to energy poverty, but also a catalyst for economic growth and social development. Our mission is to transform the energy landscape in East and southern Africa by providing reliable, clean, and affordable energy to rural areas that have not been well served by the grid. We’ll use Gridworks’ capital to expand electricity access and drive economic and industrial growth in communities across the region.”

Brian Kelly

Anzana Electric Group

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