Virunga Power is now Anzana Electric Group


Our portfolio company Virunga Power is now Anzana Electric Group.

The name Anzana is rooted in the Swahili language, where “anza” means “to begin” and “zana” means “tool.” Brought together, the name “anzana” embodies the company’s mission to empower communities with the essential tools to begin a journey of sustainable development and growth.

The new name reflects the broader scope of Anzana’s work. Since launching in 2011 as a hydropower developer, the company has developed into a leading renewable power generation and distribution business working across eastern and southern Africa. Its portfolio of projects includes: Zengamina, a hydro-powered utility in Zambia; Songa Energy, an operator of two grid-connected hydropower plants in Burundi; and Weza Power, a new private sector utility formed in partnership with the Government of Burundi.

Anzana is planning to develop six run-of-the-river hydro projects in Kenya. During a state visit to the USA in May, the Kenyan government reaffirmed their commitment to making these projects happen. When completed, they will provide 31MW of clean power to rural western and central Kenya.

“This is the beginning of an exciting new chapter,” said Shaun Githuku, Business Development Director at Gridworks.

“Since we invested in 2023, the team have been developing several new and transformative projects, such as Weza Power – a first-of-its-kind private sector electricity utility in Burundi. The Anzana Electric Group brand underlines the company’s recent growth and positions it to reach more people in the future.”

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