Gridworks delivers solar industry training programme in Seychelles

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Gridworks has delivered a solar industry training programme for technicians and engineers in Seychelles’ key energy institutions to help spearhead the country’s transition towards greener energy.

Our Technical Director, Joe Corbett and Axel Scholle from our investee company, Sustainable Power Solutions (SPS) held a three-day workshop on solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

Seychelles has played no part in the climate change crisis that it faces, but the country is showing leadership in trying to cut its emissions. We’re supporting the country as it embraces a renewable energy future that will open up economic growth and job opportunities.

Joe and Axel led the sessions at the British High Commission in Mahe and covered topics including PV system components and their functions, installation best practices, commissioning and testing, and operations and maintenance.

Joe Corbett with engineers and technicians from Seychelles’ energy sector

The final day of training was spent on Romainville Island, which currently houses six megawatts of solar generation supplying renewable energy to the Mahe island grid system. Participants included employees of the Public Utilities Corporation, the Seychelles Energy Commission and the Island Development Company, all of whom have a prior background in electricity works and engineering.

Seychelles is currently heavily dependent upon diesel and other fossil fuels for its electricity generation, but the country has set an ambitious target of achieving a 15% renewable energy supply by 2030. This will not only move the country away from expensive, polluting fuels but also create job opportunities, drive local industries, and bring in local and foreign investment.

Gridworks investee company, SPS provides solar energy and battery storage solutions to business customers across sub-Saharan Africa, including in Seychelles, where it has built five projects supplying 3.5MW / 7.4MWh, including four alongside the Islands Development Company.

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